Synchronous Management believes in a no-nonsense approach to delivering quantifiable results; we don't leave until the job is done. The following are typical of the financial benefits we have delivered:

Assembly Floor Cells and Visual Flow Controls for a $150MM per year East Coast high-tech electronics systems manufacturer. Results: Floor space reduced 40%; inventory reduced 70%.

Auto-Pull Kanban System for a $60MM per year Massachusetts electro-optical manufacturer. Results: inventories down 60%; assembly stockouts eliminated; on-time delivery up 30%..

Capital Equipment Analysis and Justification for an $8MM per year New Hampshire contract circuit board assembly operation. Results: Sales up 10%; net profit up 80%.

Cellular Arrangement and Supplier Pull System for a $20MM per year Massachusetts medical equipment manufacturer. Results: Floor space down 60%; inventory down 40%.

Cellular Layout, Supplier Pull and Auto-Pull Kanban System for a $100MM per year Minnesota manufacturer of weight training equipment. Result: Inventories down 40%; assembly shortages eliminated.

Cellular Layout and Pull System for a $30MM per year New Hampshire printing equipment manufacturer. Results: Floor space down 50%; inventory down 60%.

Cellular Manufacturing in a $3MM per year Massachusetts cable assembly plant. Results: Floor space required down 80%; labor cost down 30%; sales up 300%.

Cellular Manufacturing/Group Technology in the machine shop of a $90MM per year Massachusetts industrial goods manufacturer. Results: Manufacturing lead times and WIP down 80%.

Cellularization and Internal/Supplier Pull Systems for a $30MM per year Massachusetts laser manufacturer. Results: Floor space reduced 60%; total inventory reduced 65%.

Continuous Process Flow control system for a $20MM per year jet engine repair facility. Results: Average turnaround time reduced by 40%; maximum reduced by 70%.

Distribution Planning and Control system for a $100MM per year European industrial and consumer goods manufacturer. Results: Finished goods down 35%; customer service up 90%.

Inter-Plant Pull Signals for the movement of work in process among four plants of an international industrial goods manufacturer. Results: 90% reduction in assembly stockouts.

Internal and Supplier Pull Signals on over 1200 parts for a $500MM per year New England aerospace manufacturer. Results: Inventories down an average of 40%; internal on-time delivery to 98%.

Make-To-Order and Repetitive Pull Signals system for a $20MM per year California aerospace fabricator facing a turnaround situation. Results: WIP down 80%; shipments up 20%.

Make-To-Order Kanbans plant-wide in a 600-man Connecticut engineering prototype shop, including training of organized direct labor personnel. Results: Lead time down 50%; work/wait ratio up 80%.

Make-To-Order Pull System for a $6MM per year Connecticut aerospace machining job shop. Resulsts: work in process and lead times down 50%; customer service up 30%.

New Plant Layout and Automated Pull System for a vertically integrated $120MM per year Wisconsin construction capital equipment manufacturer. Results: Savings of over $1MM in new construction costs; inventory down 40%; assembly shortages down 90%.

Non-Repetitive Pull System & Changeover Reduction for a $2.5MM per year Connecticut CNC turning and milling job shop. Results: Inventory down 50%; defects down 90%; sales per employee up 60%.

Partnership Purchasing agreements between a New Hampshire sheet metal fabrication company and its vendors. Results: Purchased inventory down 70%; purchased cost down 7%.

Past Due Reduction for a $30MM per year Maine producer of pneumatic regulation and lubrication equipment. Results: Past due customer backlog down 90%.

Production Equals Sales demand-driven manufacturing system for a $70MM per year Connecticut ball bearing manufacturer. Results: WIP, finished goods & distribution inventories down 65%; fill rates at 95%+.

Repetitive Pull Signals for a $1MM per year Vermont hand tool manufacturer. Results: Inventory down 50%; customer fill rates up 80%, sales up 100%; net profit up 600%.

Repetitive Pull Signals and Changeover Reduction for a $6MM per year Massachusetts extrusion and machining job shop. Results: Changeovers down 95%; lead times down 50%; sales up 600%.

Repetitive Pull System for coil steel suppliers and sheet metal shearing operation for a $100MM per year Chicago bottle and jar enclosure producer. Results: Inventory down 50%; stockouts down 90%.

Repetitive Pull System for a $30MM per year Ohio plastic tubing extrusion and winding company. Results: Inventory down 60%; service up 30%.

Repetitive Pull Systems for a $20MM per year New York aftermarket marine accessories manufacturer. Results: Inventory down 60%; customer service fill rates to 98%+.

Team Quality program in a medium-sized Virginia electronics manufacturer. Results: Defects down 80%; QC down from ten inspectors to two auditors.

Virtual Pull Systems to control manufacturing and distribution for a $3.5 Billion per year midwest consumer packaging producer. Results: Inventory down 25% to record lows; fill rates to record high of 99.7%.