SYNCHRONOUS MANAGEMENT now offers the opportunity to apply pull/kanban in your value stream during a focused breakthrough kaizen event. Our experts bring years of experience in implementing pull/kanban in hundreds of applications. You select the pilot products, and we will provide the training, experience, and support for your implementation. A typical Pull Kaizen event runs from three to five days on-site, with no charge for off-site preparation. A typical scenario:


Pre-event preparation:


We supply a detailed list of preparation requirements which you gather and forward to us prior to the event. We then work with your liaison to select a pilot product and to ensure the best possible information is available to maximize the effectiveness of the event. For example:


Select a representative, door-to-door value stream for use in tailoring the workshop to your company.

What are the demands on the value stream and how are they scheduled?

How many purchased and manufactured components are involved in this value stream?

What resources (machines) are involved in the value stream, and in what sequence?

What are the value-added vs. non-value-added times in the value stream?

What are the changeover times, cycle times, quality yields, and uptimes?

How much inventory is in the value stream?


Day 1 On-Site:


We work with your pull team to review the prep information, gather any additional data,  and tailor the second day’s workshop. Agenda:


Identify specific parts to be implemented during the event

Review the information supplied prior to the event

Identify and gather any additional information required

Develop the value stream map of the family to be implemented

Establish baseline inventory and delivery performance measures

Tailor the “How To Pull” workshop using your data


Day 2 On-Site:


Our one-day “How To Pull” training session is conducted for key personnel. Agenda:


Using a new case study designed to focus on the value of pull/kanban, this workshop takes the participants beyond the value stream into an understanding of the strategic nature of pull/kanban. The workshop does not just answer technical questions such as how to set replenishment intervals, how to size supermarkets, and what kind of kanban to use. Information from your company is brought in to relate each concept to your environment.


How pull fits with your continuous improvement program

Leveling the load on the value stream – mixed-model and heijunka

Leveling the mix – every part every interval

Locating and sizing supermarkets

Projecting benefits & focusing improvements

What kind of pull signal to use and where

How pull applies in your pilot value stream


Days 3-5 On-Site:


Along with your implementation team, we apply the pull concepts to the pilot value stream on the shop floor. The intent is to install a functioning pull system which provides maximum customer service with minimum inventory waste. Agenda:


Establish finished goods levels, if required

Decide how to translate customer demands to a value stream schedule

Establish replenishment intervals on key resources

Locate and size supermarkets

Project improvements to baseline measures

Decide on logistical pull mechanisms, such as kanban cards, containers, etc.

Construct and implement the logistics of the system

Set up a mechanism for auditing effectiveness of the system