Synchronous Management is a full-service manufacturing consulting firm operating in ten countries. Since our founding in 1986, we have served a variety of clients in process, repetitive, job shop and prototype manufacturing environments. Our clients include some of the largest companies in the world as well as a range of smaller firms.

Operating with main offices in Connecticut, U.S.A., our associates work closely with your management team to focus our combined expertise toward resolution of your problems. We do not market software, nor are we committed to a single approach. All of our organization is rooted in a philosophy of true continuous improvement, years of practical experience in the manufacturing and materials management professions, and specialized consulting training and experience. We believe in results, and are firmly committed to help you achieve your goals.

The SYNCHRONOUS MANAGEMENT organization provides education, analysis, and application support in all phases of the manufacturing enterprise. The following are among our most popular programs:

The promise of these programs can be met, but only with Strategic Level planning geared toward accelerating the flow of goods through the manufacturing process. This strategy of increasing sales, decreasing inventory and decreasing total manufacturing costs is the key to bottom-line financial success.

Our approach to continuous improvement is based on this strategic view of your business. Our unique understanding of material and information flows identifies not only logistical constraints which limit your performance, but also more costly policy and behavioral constraints. The cause and effect relationships among these constraints and your major business issues are the keys to focusing your efforts to unlock the true potential of your business. In this way, your productivity improvement techniques become tactical maneuvers in support of a Synchronous Manufacturing strategy. This unique approach forms the nucleus of what we call: