Our founder, Don Guild, has over fifty years in manufacturing. His twenty years in line management began with production line operations, progressing through shop supervision, scheduling and materials management, and operations management. His line experience also includes the implementation of automated enterprise resource planning and participative management systems.

After two years of consulting in the mid-1980ís for Dr. Eli Goldratt, specializing in the application of finite scheduling techniques and constraints theory, Don founded Synchronous Management to focus on the hands-on application of lean techniques in purchasing, manufacturing, and distribution. As a consultant, he has broad experience in training and application of value stream mapping, pull/kanban systems, cellular manufacturing, plant layout, changeover reduction, and lean performance metrics.

His hundreds of clients have ranged in size from $1MM per year to over $1BB per year in annual sales. They include high-volume, repetitive production, engineering prototype shops, job shops, vertically integrated fabricators, and purchase-and-assemble shops. Industries include casting and forging, machinery, aerospace, biotechnology, electronics components and assembly, food processing and consumer products.

His pioneering work includes capacity-based lot-sizing techniques for changeover-intensive resources, make-to-order kanban for the non-repetitive job shop, and virtual pull for complex purchasing, manufacturing and distribution environments. Over fifty articles have been published by and about Synchronous Management and our clients, and Don has conducted hundreds of workshops and seminars for various professional societies and organizations.

Don's academic background includes Associate in Arts in Liberal Arts, Bachelor of Science in Law, Juris Doctor in Law, and Masters in Business Administration. He is a member of the Association of Manufacturing Excellence, and is certified on the Fellow Level by the Association for Operations Management (APICS). He is the author of the Pull/Kanban training program for the NIST-Manufacturing Extension Partnerships, and author of Pull/Kanban Systems training for the Lean Enterprise Institute. He is a faculty member of NIST-MEP and LEI, and a frequent speaker for AME, SME, and APICS.